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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fan Author Interview week

Hello to all my dear fans...I am checking in another day and answering all of your amazing questions. I hope that you are getting to know me a little better than you did. It's one thing to see someone follow you are request you to be their friend and you do it but in the back of your mind you are wondering who in the hell is this person. I can ask you a thousand times to purchase my book but unless you know who I am and what I stand for you will remain leery on purchasing the book. No matter how much I blog or talk about it. I want you to know who I am as a person not just a writer. I also want to know who you are as my fan, reader and friend.

Everyday I say that we are family here at Livin the fast life and everyday I try to come up with new ways to bring us closer together. I realize by doing this I am building my own family and as you know family is important.  I said that you can ask me anything and the questions that came through was amazing. I had questions come through that I didn't even think that people would ask but you did. This lets me know that what I am doing is working. You are feeling more at ease to speak your mind and for that I am thankful. I will stop at nothing until you know who I am and allow me into your homes and the homes of your friends and family. Today there are quite a few questions and I hope that each and everyone of you will bare with me while I answer the questions that have been asked of me. I also received two comments as well and I will put them on here as well.

Thank you for all your questions and I hope that I answered all of your questions. If I may have missed a question please forgive me, but resubmit it and I will answer them in tomorrows discussion.  You are the best and we are going to have a very bright and fulfilling relationship. Remember that tomorrow is the last day of the Fan Author Interview so get your questions in before its too late. Thank you for your participation and your constant support.

Q. Are you married?
A. No

Q. What made you become a writer?
A. It has been my dream since I was a little girl to write my life story. I kept journals all my life but they kept being destroyed. That's really when I found out that my words and thoughts were very powerful. They can make people feel a certain type of way. Whether good or bad.

Q. Have you had a lot of backlash from your book?
A. Yes, more than you could imagine. I had my family turn against me. I had to be called all kind of hoes and bitches. I've had people say that it wasn't going to make it. People said that people was not going to buy it. This has definitely not been an easy journey.

Q. Do you have any children?
A. No, I have no children.

Q. In your book it states that you have sex with women as well. Is that just a story or is this true?
A. It is true. I am bisexual but do not date women.

Q. Is this a true story and if so how much is really true?
A. Yes this is a true story and 98% is real.

Q. How did you come up with the title Livin the fast life?
A. It came to me in a dream and I realized that was the perfect title to name my book because the life I chose to live was definitely fast?

Q. What do I need to do to write my book?
A. You need to be dedicated to your craft and it has to be something that you want to do. It takes a lot of work to be an Author especially a new author because there is so much competition in this field just like music or anything else. You have to write about something that you know about and something that your readers can relate to.

Q. Is this the only book that you have written?
A. Yes, this is my first book but I am finishing my second book now in between promoting my first book.

Q. Can I find your book in the bookstores?
A. You can find my book in the Hasting book stores or online at,,, and

Q. How many books have you sold and how did you sell them?
A. I sold 550 books and still counting. I went out on the road and beat the streets in different cities across the US.

Those are the questions that I received and I hope that I answered them so that you can have a clear understanding of who I am. Keep your questions coming because I am loving to see them and I want to answer all of them. Its easy for me to answer all the questions right now because we are still a small group but everyday I am watching it grow. My promise to my readers is to always have a personal relationship and to bring you great stories. Here are the two comments that I received. I will not post their names because I do not have their consent to do that but I will let you know where they come from.

Atlanta Ga. Reader said......
Reading Livin the fast life was a breath of fresh air. It is good to see that you took a chance to touch on subjects that are very touchy especially in the black communities. If you haven't read this book it is definitely a must read. It kept my interest all the way to the end and I was mad because of the way it ended. I wanted more. Keep writing good stories. You have a fan for life.

Wichita Ks. Reader said.....
I read Livin the fast life and it was okay. I don't think that the writer give enough information on the characters and it wasn't real enough for me. I think that its sad to see that women would show that they are cold hearted and real bitches and always trying to make men look bad when in reality its them. I don't know if I would share this book with anyone but you just have to read it yourself and you can form your own opinion.

Yes I had a good review and a not so good review but it's okay to me. This just makes me learn what I can do better for my future books to come and that over time I will only get better. I told you to let me know how you feel whether good or bad and you didn't pull any punches and I respect that.

For those of you that loved the book thank you so very much for your support. For those that did not like it so well thank you for supporting me anyways and I hope that you will read the next book and see the growth in me. You can't win them all. I knew in the beginning that some would love it, some would like it, some would say its okay and some would absolutely hate it. Either way I am truly blessed with a gift and I will only get better with my gift. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to get to know who I am. I hope each and everyone of you have a blessed evening and come back tomorrow for our last Fan Author Interview discussion.

What are your thoughts on Livin the fast life?
Are you ready to read The UnMarritable? Why?
Is there anything that you would do differently? If so what?

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