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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello Fast Life family,

I hope everyone had a great and productive day. I like to keep you updated on what I am doing and how I am doing things. Many of you have been asking for the second book in the series the Fast Life Chronicles. I am proud to say that I have finished writing the UnMarritable and it will be going through the next stage. Thank you so very much for your support. Please remember to go grab your copy of Livin the Fast Life if you haven't already. If you are not exactly sure where you can grab your copy you can click on the link on the right to purchase your copy from, and Please go grab your copy today and post your reviews. It is very important that you post your reviews. Again thank you for your support. Please feel free to post your views.

Trendy Topic of the day:  Support

Support to me is very important because it is not easy to do what you love to do if you don't have the support that you need. Everyone will not support you and you can't expect everyone to support you.

If one person or a couple of people support you, it is important that you hold on to that support and use the support to your advantage. Some people don't have support at all and believe that they can't do what they love to do.

As an author it is important that you have the support of your readers. Without the support of the readers you will not make it. A reader will make or break you. They will either like or hate the material that you produce. If you have more likes than hate you have a chance but if you don't you either keep trying until you get it right or give up. Me personally I will never give up on my dreams. The response that I get from you whether good or bad makes me stronger. With the responses and reviews I know what I have to work on to make me better at my craft. Everyone can't write just like everyone can't sing but no matter what they continue to try and strive to live their dreams.

I know that I can't support each and every person but I definitely try to support every person that I can. It doesn't matter if they are good, bad, new to the game or a pro. I don't discriminate. All I know is that the people that we look up to like Mary J. Blige, Maya Angelou, Cicily Tyson, Tyler Perry, T. I., just to name a few, had to have our support to be where they are today. The thing that I admire about these few is that no matter what came their way in life they continued to strive to live their dreams and they supported others. We have to come together and support one another.

Do you agree with this topic? Why?
Who is your biggest supporter? Why?
Would you support someone in the same field as you that is new to the game? Why?

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