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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is considered an Urban Author

Hello Fast Life family,

I hope that everyone is had a great and productive day. There has been some controversy about what makes an Urban Author. I want to know what you think and how you feel about this subject.

Trendy Topic of the day: What is considered an Urban Author?

It is my own opinion that anyone can be considered an Urban Author if they have lived the struggle of an Urban Author. You can write about anything but it is not easy to talk about living in the hood unless you lived in the hood. If you have never struggled you can not talk about the struggle that many Urban Authors actually go through. Everyone should have a fair chance to tell their story no matter what their race is. If they have the experience then they should be able to talk about what they know. Some writers also like to get others story and add their own twist on it and I think that is okay as well because everyone should be able to tell their stories and if you can get someone else to write and tell your story then you are blessed. This is my take on being considered an Urban Author.

What does Urban Author mean to you?
Do you consider yourself an Urban Author or enjoy reading Urban lit?
What makes a person a Urban Author?

Thank you for your views, participation and constant support. Please feel free to post your views and join in the discussion. Remember that you can also click on the link to the right and purchase your copy of Livin the Fast Life for only .99. Go purchase your copy today and help support a great cause as well. Help show our children that you care about their future.

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