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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello Fast Life family,

I am glad that you have joined me yet another day. Thank you for taking the time out to come join me each and every day. As you have noticed I have jazzed up the page a little bit. I want you to know that this page is hot and you can enter at your own risk. There are some things that you may read or see that you may not like but this is a adult blog. If you are mature to handle what is said in this blog then this is where you want to be. I share a lot with my family and you share a lot with me as well. I love hearing your responses and your views on the different discussions. You make doing this all worth it.

Trendy Topic of the Day: Change

As you know I am all about change. Change is very important. The world is changing each and everyday and if we are not changing with it we are getting left behind. There is no reason to be left behind and in the dark of what is going on in the world. You can't enjoy life if you are not willing to change. In order to become a better  person you have to want to be a better person and that requires change.

Some are willing to change and others are willing to remain the same. The problem that I have noticed with people today is that we want others to change but we are not willing to change ourselves. You can not change others into being what you want them to be. You have to accept them for who they are or move on and allow them to change on their own. You can give advice to someone but unless they are willing to take your advice they will not do what you want them to do and why would you get angry and upset because they don't take your advice. We all make our own choices and decisions in life. It is not up to you to live someone else's life. You have to live your life and only your life and make the necessary changes for you to succeed and live your life the way you desire.

Start being in control of your own life and your own destiny. You are the only one that can change you.
Here are your discussion questions. Please feel free to answer freely and let me know what you think about this discussion. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Why do you think so many people are afraid of change?
What would you say to someone that wants to change?
Are you afraid of change? Explain your answer

Don't forget to also grab your copy of Livin the Fast Life and see what all the talk is about and why so many are grabbing their copy today. Thank you for your constant support.

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