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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Betrayal

Hello my friends,

I really hope that everyone had a wonderful day. I got a lot done myself. I have been working on the new book The UnMarritable that will be coming to you soon. I know that I have true friends because normally someone would complain about not getting their Trendy Topic of the day but my friends didn't complain or beat down my door looking for it. This is how I know that I have to hurry up and finish this second book. You're not beating down the door for the Trendy Topic but you are sure rushing me to get this second book to you and I am doing my best to do just that. I worked on it all day yesterday and since 9 a.m. this morning. I told you that I would bring you a Trendy Topic that everyone can relate to and I am keeping my word.

The one thing that we all can relate to is family betrayal. I see a lot of posts on facebook and twitter complaining about family. Today we are going to take this time and let it all go. Here we are allowed to express ourselves and say what's on our minds. So today is say what you feel and let it all go. Say what you have been wanting to say to a family member or about a family member. You do not have to put the names or your name to express how you feel just let it go. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Trendy Topic of the day:    Family Betrayal

You are my family and I never thought that you would betray me and make me feel like you have. When no one was there for you, I was. When you had no where to go, I opened my home to you. When everyone was against you, I stood up for you because you are my family. The day your kids were born I knew that they were precious and lil gems and would always love them like they were mine. You almost lost your children and I was there to step in and keep them out of harms way. You get mad at me over something I can't control. You can't fault me for the life you choose to live. I have only been there to help you pick up the pieces every time you fall. No matter how many times you gave me the shaft, I loved you anyways because you were my family. The to do the Unthinkable and take something so precious away from me because of your own stupidity is selfish and damn right cruel. How could you do another human being the way you do me and you call me your family. You took something away from me that can never be replaced and now I'm walking away from you and the betrayal you have put me through for good. I will never look back, and for the baby I will never see; I hope she stay blessed and protected at all times and never learn the cruelty that you have in your heart.

What do you want to say to a family member or share about family betrayal?
Do you feel like family or friends will betray you first? Explain
How did the passage make you feel?Explain
Is there anything else that you feel like you need to say that you haven't already said? If so what?

I hope you enjoyed your Trendy Topic of the day and feel better after expressing yourself the way you want to. Thank you for your participation, constant support and joining me, until tomorrow friends.

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