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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carrying Other Peoples Problems

Hello my Fast Life friends,

I hope that everyone is doing well today and living your dreams to the fullest. Yesterday we talked about living your dreams and a lot of you really enjoyed the discussion.  I am glad that you are enjoying your Trendy Topic of the day. If there is ever anything that you would love to discuss please let me know. We are family here and we can discuss anything. That's why today I want to discuss Problems. Not just any problems but carrying other peoples problems. Please make sure that you post your views on this discussion.

Trendy Topic of the day:    Carrying Other Peoples Problems

Everyone today have problems. Today's economy makes us all have problems. It's all about how we deal with our problems.

There are people that want you to fix the problems that they are having not realizing that you have your own problems to fix. A lot of us feel like it is our obligation to help those that are close to us because we say that we love them. We feel like if we don't help then it makes us selfish.  So what do we do? We put their problems on our shoulders and try to carry their problems and ours then we go into a depression with ourselves because it's too much to carry. Why do we do ourselves like this?

If your are the person that takes on everyone else's problems, it's time for you to break free and give their problems back to them and quick. We are not made to take on everyone else's problems. We are made to take on only our problems and no this does not make you selfish, it makes you smart and stress free. It's easy to handle your own problems because you know to take one problem at a time and handle it with ease.

Don't put more on yourself then you can handle because you are not being fair to yourself; and if you're not fair to yourself how do you expect others to treat you fair as well?

I say this from experience because I was once that girl that took on every ones problems because I didn't want to feel selfish or be called a bitch. I was not happy with myself but everyone that had dumped their problems on me were doing okay and no one thought about how I felt. I realized that I didn't want to do this any more. I didn't want to carry everyone else's baggage and carry mines to. I gave everyone back their problem and once I did that I realized that I didn't have any problems and the ones that I did were so small that it was practically nothing. I couldn't see that because everyone else's problems were blocking mine. Now I have more peace then I have ever had in my entire life and I do what I love to do and that's write and tell great stories. Not only do I do that but I also touch people's lives and make a difference and that's priceless. You can do the same if you give every ones problems back to them and take care of your own.

I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion and that it gave you something to think about. Thank you for allowing me to come into your home and share my thoughts with you. I hope that you live your dreams and find peace in yourself. Please feel free to post your comments and let me know what you think and remember if there is something that you want to talk about let me know and you can best and believe we will definitely have that discussion. Thank you for your participation and constant support.

Why do we carry other people's problems?
Do you feel obligated to help others that you say you love? Why?
Do you feel it's easier to take on others problems then taking care of your own? Why?


  1. I too have learned that you have to let go, to much is a strain on your life, even when its a love one, especially someone who constantly beats the same drum. right now i'm focused on helping my parents without the promises of what ever one else claim they are going to do. two more months and they will join me. i moved out the state and i'm going to go get them, the house will be ready and i can't wait. it will shock everyone but i'm tired of empty promises and all the fussing and pointing. i'm going to relieve everyone and finally clear my head and heart of this matter for once and all.

  2. Sidne, the BCR

    I can definitely understand that. You must do what you have to do and don't allow others to hold you down from your goals and what you are suppose to do. Only you know what is important to you. People can talk all day but they can't talk and walk at the same time. I wish you the best in everything you do and continue to keep your head up and don't allow anyone to steal your joy.