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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who am I?

I am a writer, a friend, a aunty, a daughter, a sister and a great person.  I just wanted to break the ice a little bit, and let everyone know that we are going to have fun on this blog.  I want you to be able to share your honest opinions with me just like I am going to share with you.  This blog is for adults only.  If you are not adult enough to handle this blog then this is not the blog for you.  I want everyone to feel like they can voice their opinion and know that you are being heard.  There is no judging on this blog.  I won't judge you and you don't have to judge me.  I want this to be relaxed and easy going because I am an easy going person.  So just relax and lets all have fun.

Now with all of that said let me tell you a little about me.  I want to be able to take this time for my readers to get to know who I am as a person and as a writer.  If there is something that I can do better, please feel free to let me know.  I am always open to new suggestions and ideas.  Like I said in my previous blogs, I am for the readers and not myself.

I grew up in Wichita Ks.  I have two sisters and two brothers and one sister in-law.  I was raised by my grandparents until my grandfather died and then my grandmother raised me the best way that she knew how.  Yes I have a mother and a father but they were busy living their own lives.  I'm not mad at them for living their life because in the mean time I learned a lot from them. Just watching them.

I always kept a journal because I always felt like writing was my way out of the pain, hurt and neglect that I was feeling in my heart.  I felt that one day I would be a writer and here twenty years later I have done just that.  I wrote my first book.  When I started writing my book, I remember being happy and excited that I was finally going to start living for myself.  Everyday I would tell my friends and family and people that I worked with that I was going to start writing my book.  The main reason why I was telling people is because I wanted to see if I would have some supporters or was I just wasting my time. The reactions that I got, wasn't exactly what I thought they would be.  I expected everyone that I knew to be excited for me and support me in my dream.  The reactions that I got, some were good and some were bad.  I could've stopped there and just chose a different path but my determination was not going to allow me to do that.  At that very moment, I knew that I had to write this book not just for myself but for other people in the world.  It is important that I make people recognize what is going on in our communities that we sometimes just turn the other way or sweep it under the carpet like it is not happening.  Telling my story is my way of helping us face what we don't want to believe is real. 

If I had to say what people would say about me.  I would have to say, they would say that I am honest, kindhearted, brave, confident, spoiled and determined.

Now I would like to invite you to join in with me and leave your comments to this post.  If there was anything that you could say about me (for those who know me), what would be the one word that you would use to describe me?

Now that you know a little about me, I really hope that this will help you in your decision to follow me and be a part of this journey that I am on.  Let's go on this journey together and make each book a success because it's all about you, the reader.


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