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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trish and Elaine girls of the house

After the incident, after the meeting, Elaine and Trish decided that they were going to go out on a cocaine binge.  When they got back no one knew that they were back because everyone was enjoying the day that my uncles had prepared.  It wasn't often that they were allowed to take a day off, so any day that they didn't have work it was always relaxed.  When they came back to the house they went straight to their room and decided that they were going to get high and go buck wild.  One of the laws of the house is that housemates can't sleep together unless it is for money or supervised by pimp or madam.  Of course being the madam came with a lot of perks but a lot of responsibility.

There are three room checks per day.  The room checks were to make sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be at, and make sure every woman and every client is following the laws of the house.  Sounds like a very easy job right? Wrong.  Some days it could be very stressful especially on those days most of the women are on their monthly.  All the different attitudes and mood swings could be nerve wrecking sometimes.

I was doing my rounds and I was checking Trish's room.  I opened the door just to make sure that she was satisfying her client just to find out that the client she was satisfying was Elaine.  Normally when the door opens the girls will look up just to acknowledge that I seen them and they seen me but they never got up.  I walked in the room and asked the girls "why would you put yourself at risk to getting beat on again if you were to get caught?" Trish looked up at me and laughed and said "It looks like we've already been caught."  she looked down at Elaine and told her to open wider.  While Trish spread Elaine's candy wider, I had to supervise and watch just to make sure that no one would get in trouble, because I was not about to get into any trouble for a hoe.  Watching them I started to get hot myself so I decided to leave the room and let them finish what they had started.

This is day three and I see all the comments starting to come in.  Thank you.  Here are your questions for today.

Do you still want to continue reading?
Is this a great start of a sex scene?
Do you prefer a book to have sex stories or not? Why?
Do the names fit the characters and why?
If you could do anything different what would you do and why?

Keep the comments coming.  Everyone is awesome.  Thank you for your time and your participation.


  1. this a great start for a sex scene...and yes they should be included because the steamier the scene the more the reader is gonna wanna read. The names are good..not sure that the names of the characters would intrest me or disintrest me. I am more intrested in the plot & scheme and how it all plays out in the end ;) KEEP'EM COMING!!!! (sandra t)

  2. Thank you Sandra. It is greatly appreciated. I will definitely keep the sex scenes and the plot good. Tomorrow's blog will be better. Keep your comments coming.