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Monday, September 19, 2011

Just doin me

I was starting to get popular in the streets but no men would ever say anything bad about me.  If you heard anything bad about me it was from some chick.  The women around the town were really starting to hate me and hate on me but I wasn't tripping.  I wasn't going to change who I was and as long as I was still being able to pay my bills, the hell with what anyone else thought.  All I knew was that I wanted to be free.  I just wanted to do whatever it was that I wanted to do and that's what I did.

I had met this guy about a week after Kevin's party his name was Damarcus.  Damarcus was tall, built, and had the prettiest black skin that you would ever see in your life.  He was a thug and he wasn't ashamed to let people know that he was a thug.  I really didn't want to mess with any thugs but this was not about finding a relationship, this was about the money.  As long as he was willing to up that cash I was willing to mess with him anytime he called me.

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